Interesting Links

ART    A fascinating 9 minute video of sand painting from Korea demonstrating another marvelous use of the hand.  May be slow to load but worth the wait.

MEDICAL INFORMATION    Comprehensive health information source.  Medical news, lay person description of conditions and terminology from accupuncture to zygote.  Also extensive listing an description of pharmaceuticals, both prescription and over the counter..    A comprehensive medical textbook, updated frequently.  A go-to place for general medical information.  (I wrote the chapters on deQuervain's tendinitis and mallet finger.)    Authoritative information about a myriad of hand conditions.

FIND A HAND SURGEON    Lists 2000 members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand world-wide

FIND A HAND THERAPIST    Lists over 4000 Certified Hand Therapists

FASCINATING SCIENCE    Stunning microscopic photographs and movies red blood cells, penicillin killing bacteria, and common soil bacteria.    Scientific American on line.  This is a must, especially if you or your children or grandchildren are curious.  Comprehensive science information.