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July 2018
Hands, Fingers, and Nails 
in the 18th Century

April 2018
How strong are opposable thumbs?
November 2017
Aren't you going to order an MRI, Doctor?
October 2017
Cemetery Symbolism
September 2017
Fiery Hand Prints
August 2017
Ceramic Hands 
July 2017
Magnets: A Sixth Sense or Nonsense?
June 2017
Is Knuckle Cracking Dangerous?
May 2017
Thumbs Up!
2017April 2017
Wrist Fractures
March 2017
Visual Assists in Hand Surgery
February 2017
Their History, Appeal, Danger
January 2017
Hands That Talk
December 2016
Any Science to Cupping?November 2016
Braving the Airport Security Checkpoint
October 2016
Halloween Fright: Pumplin Carver's Finger
September 2016
The Dreaded Tennis Elbow
August 2016
Giant Hands Around Los Angeles
July 2016
Take Me Out of the Ballgame
June 2016 
The Human Hand, Not Really That Good for Anything
May 2016
The Curse of the Celts
April 2016
How Many Bones in the Body?
March 2016
How Surgeons Beg, Borrow, or Steal to Reconstruct Opposable Thumbs
February 2016
Civilization, Brought to You by the Human Thumb
January 2016
How to Walk When Wrists and Ankles All Hurt
December 2015
Kitchen Knights
November 2015
Speaking Off the Cuff About the Cuff
October 2015
Giant Hand Sculptures
September 2015
Throwing Hands in Antwerp and Ulster
August 2015
What Happened to the Tapered Finger Frenzy?
July 2015
Firm Handshake, Long Life
June 2015
Hand Span Matters
May 2015
Why Slings Are Bad
April 2015
Drumming Hands
March 2015
Ready for the Mighty Mitts Tourney?

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